Monday, September 10, 2007

Penis Cheek

Well, this all started out with a group of us who worked together killing time on our way to the job. In the summer of 2005, we all used to do landscaping and the hour and a half drive up north got a little boring. We began to waste time by drawing a series of 3 panel drawings, where one person would draw a head of a character, the next the torso, then someone else would draw the legs and so on. The best thing about it was the only section of the piece that you saw was the part you were working on, so when the drawing was complete, we unveiled the finished work usually resulting in hilarity and magic. We ended up with quite a collection of drawings most of which ended up in a little zine we put together called "Penis Cheek" (Pictured above). We've now rounded up more friends and try to get together weekly with different drawing games to try out. So, I guess this blog is a way of cataloging the stuff we pump out. Not all of it is gold but that's what makes the good pieces all the better.
Contributing artists for Penis Cheek: James Kerr, Tyson Bodnarchuk, Marc Simard, Kev Simard and Neil Doshi.
Look for upcoming Drawing Night posts which will include works by the above and Jen Storey, Angie Johnson, Fred Casia, Yana Gorbulsky, Aaron McConomy and more.

If you're wondering whats going on in the middle of the one above, well, it's a tank. Thank Kevin Simard for that. Tanks are his specialty.


Yana said...

ah!!! these are awesome!

you spelled my name wrong, though.

T-Rex said...

fuck! sorry, I'll fix it asap

Vegard said...

lol super cool drawings

i found them googling: dick cheek bump


seriusly awsome tho keep it up wow