Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Last night was a smaller group for Drawing Night. James, Jen, Freddy, Yana, Milena, Neil and Tyson showed up with pens and pencils ready to eat, drink and make magic!This game is pretty fun. here's how it works: The first person to start off the game writes a short sentence. It is then passed on to the next person who draws a picture based on that sentence. Then the page is folded so that the text is hidden and only the picture is visible and passed to the next person who now writes another sentence based on the drawing. The page is folded once again so that only the new text is visible and then passed on to the next person who will draw another picture based on the new sentence. It works best with a larger group of people, so the same person does not work on the same page twice. When you run out of space on the page, unfold it and see how it turned out. It kinda works like that game "Broken Telephone".
The best thing about drawing nights is we usually get together for dinner first. Jen made some kick ass pasta.

And we take video game breaks from time to time. (Bubble Bobble was the game of choice tonight).

We also squeezed in some more 3 panel drawings to wrap things up.