Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin in your face!!

This week we had the whole pumpkin thing happening. I can't remember who did what so, sorry for the sketchy deets. The wolf one is Judy's... uh mean face is MTAF's Krista and the equation was Spencer & Amandas.

Fred Casia

Pumpkins from left to right: Roadkills' Elane Ho, Broundoors Marc Simard and Supayana's Yana


Ms. Moss


Uh.... James making out with Spidey.... weird.

We toasted a shit-load of seeds. Awesome.

Angies carving the shit outta that thing!

Hickey Time!

1 comment:

Pony of Prey said...

Greatest carvation night ever! Still got seeds if anyone wants...